Modern Stationery Built The Old Fashion Way.

CLW London was founded with a clear object: to create unique stationery essentials that celebrate individualism and creativity, without compromising on craftsmanship.


Each CLW London collection is brought to life by brand maker and designer Zara.

All books are bound by hand by Zara at the 'London Centre for Book Arts' which is an artist-run studio dedicated to book arts and artist-led publishing.

CLW London collections are  always limited runs as CLW London cherishes the concept of being unique, progressive and modern, so be sure to act fast should a collection catch your eye. 


Traditional methods combined with innovative design ideas are always a winning combination.


Inspiration is everywhere and CLW London's inspiration is often fuelled from those curious what if moments in life.


Craftmanship is a key element in a CLW London concept. All stationery is crafted in a London bindery following traditional methods.


Before any CLW London concept is brought to life the question "What makes this different?" is always asked.