All That Is My Own

'All that is my own' is a small capsule collection of stationery essentials.  Through a selection of A5 and A6 journals the collection focuses on that which is our own. The collection is presented on a neutral pallet of black, grey and gold, with hints of soft blues, yellows, green and rose included within the collection.

The illustrations represented are CLW London's own airport doodles which reflect what the brand considers to be of the utmost importance: our thoughts, ideas, travel experiences and the world which we live in.

The collection is named 'All that is my own' because brand creator Zara, feels that in the world which we live in, what is actually truly ours is rapidly decreasing and the concept of 'luxury' is also shifting.

"in our current state, it is an ultimate luxury to be able to wake up and do what you love and although this should be a luxury afforded by all, it is becoming less and less obtainable." 

This small contribution, hopes to inspire others to fill these books with creative ideas, empowering thoughts and soul changing travel experiences of our world.

Lets take back what is truly our own!


This 22 piece collection consists of 4 A5+ Desk planners, 10 A5 Travel journals, 8 A6 Pocket books. All books are unlined to ensure they are suitable for all.

Explore the full collection below. 

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