Think Plan Do

Think. Plan. Do! 

Using bold African prints and colours this collection was made with one aim, to empower!

The bold cotton prints used in this vibrate collection were found on various trips to London's Brixton market and CLW London's brand designer and creator Zara's own travels to Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana a few years ago. 

Wanting to create a collection that would empower and motivate others to get back into creative writing, drawing or just jotting down their own life goals, brand creator Zara began to note down motivational thoughts and phrases that had previously set of a flair of creativity within. 

" There have been many moments when I have questioned where I am in life. These phrases, no matter how simple they may sound, were able reignite my creative ideas, when I may have been less motivated than usual." 

Combining the beautifully bold African prints with these phrases made a wining combination. 

CLW London has also included a new addition to the list of stationery essentials, Solander boxes! These handmade boxes are sure to as a touch of creative elegance to a busy creatives working desk space! Once the gilded jotter sheets are finished, the Solander box will make a wonderful stationery holder for all of those little bits that often get lost on a creatives desk space.

This 32 piece collection, consists of 16 A6 pocket books, 8 A5 travel journals, 4 A5+ desk planners and 4 Solander boxes. 

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