CLW London started five years ago when a very typical Zara, left it to the last possible minute to purchase a thoughtful wedding gift. With nothing to be found within my budget and knowing that the bride wanted a traditional photo album, I gave myself the task of creating one within two weeks.  The finished album, wasn't my best work as I was revisiting a skill that had not been used since my college years. However, after seeing the Bride gush and tell every living sole about the album, I decided that this is something I want to do more of. 
The task of finding a London based bindery that would allow me to use their facilities and equipment as and when needed was a difficult task.  I eventually stumbled across the London Centre of Book Arts, based in Hackney wick and got in touch immediately. Through this artist lead studio, I was able to develop my interests in Book Arts once more through the studios extensive workshops and the support from professional book binders.
Coupled with my interest in textiles, book arts became the perfect creative outlet for me, as I began to experiment with using alternatives to traditional book coverings and also revisited an old hobby of fabric dyeing.
Fast forward five years later, I still work from this Studio and every CLW London hand bound book is finished at London Centre of Book Arts.
CLW London has grown steadily over the years, often trading at small pop up markets, whilst also securing a Saturday pitch at London's busy Greenwich market.
CLW London is now looking further along the horizon and hopes to continue to grow further with the help of small independent boutiques within the Uk or possibly world wide...